1. Download Visual C# 2010 Express Edition from Microsoft
  2. Install Visual C# 2010 Express Edition
  3. Go to the Rovio API Library and [download latest sources archive
  4. Unpack this archive
  5. Open Visual C# 2010 Express Edition
  6. Create New Project and select Windows Forms Application template
  7. In the Solution Explorer right click on the created solution
  8. Click on Add Existing Project and locate the folder where you unpacked archive with RovioLib source code in 4
  9. Open RovioLib.csproj in this dialog, after that you will have 2 projects in one solution
  10. Add reference to your project and select RovioLib on the Projects tab via right clicking on the Solution Explorer.
  11. Add button to the form and add some code
       private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            RovioLib.RovioController rc = new RovioLib.RovioController("username", "userpassword", "");

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